Monday, June 8, 2009

Robert Millar- his Dauphiné.

Up in his element.
Millar, sporting his new team jersey, in the mountains at the 1989 Dauphiné.

Robert Millar joined Z-Peugeot in 1989 and it turned out to be a good team for him. The team was captained by Greg Lemond and due to him, received a huge budget increase to 3 millon pounds. A good reason for a generous salary increase for the likes of Millar & LeMond.

Millar was a proven grimpeur, with KOM wins in the 1984 Tour & the 1987 Giro d’Italia. The week long mountainous stage race of the Dauphiné Libéré complemented his climbing abilities. At the 1989 Dauphiné, the Scot did very well finishing second overall winning a mountain stage and the green climbers’ prize. During the 1990 Dauphiné, the Scot slugged it out with fellow climbing star Thierry Claveyrolat. Their battle royale was on stage 6 with Millar coming in a close second from Claveyrolat by only 2 seconds. With a dogged tenaciousness he eventually took the overall.

I believe that Dauphiné victory was Millar’s best career win. His glory days!

The incredible grimpeurs of the 1990 Dauphiné.
(l to r): Millar(Z-Peugeot), Andy Hampsten(7-Eleven), Thierry Claveyrolat(RMO),
Tony Rominger(Chateaux d'Ax) & Éric Caritoux(RMO)

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